RAM Host

Premium European German Virtual Dedicated Server.

All of our VPS servers are not oversold and we can prove it - you will get predictable and constant performance - just like a real dedicated server.

Following are our pre-built plans. If you need something more/less/different, contact us for custom setup configurations and quotes.

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CentOS (5 & 6)
Debian (5 & 6)
OpenSuSE (11.1 & 11.3)
Ubuntu (8.04 & 10.04)
Feature / PlanDE-1DE-2DE-3DE-4DE-5DE-6
Guaranteed RAM Memory [?]128 MB384 MB768 MB1024 MB1536 MB2048 MB
Burstable RAM Memory [?]256 MB512 MB1024 MB1536 MB2048 MB3072 MB
Disk Space [?]15 GB30 GB60 GB80 GB100 GB125 GB
Data Transfer [?]150 GB300 GB500 GB800 GB1000 GB1500 GB
Port Speed [?]100 mbps full-duplex port
CPU CyclesFair share Burstable to at least 3000 Mhz
Web Hosting Panels [?]Kloxo (free), Webmin (free), DirectAdmin ($6.49/mo), or just plain ssh
Speed Tests [?]Speed Test Files
Reviews3rd Party Customer Reviews
Host Recovery Console [?]Yes (read more here)
Setup Time [?]Within 3 Business Days
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Premium Redundant
Multihomed Bandwidth
Deutsche Telekom
Level 3

Bonus Features Included FREE

No Bandwidth Overage Guarantee: We will never charge you for bandwidth overages. If you exceed your bandwidth quota your server will be turned off.If you need more bandwidth than is available in your plan simply contact us anytime for a customized plan.

IPv4: all virtual servers include 1 IPv4 address. Additional IPv4 addresses can be provided for $1.49/mo each, however due to the decline available IPv4 space valid justification will be required for all additional IPv4 allocations.

IPv6: all virtual servers support native IPv6. Each server will be assigned 1 IPv6 address with as many additional as you need available on request.

Unmetered IPv6 Traffic: all IPv6 traffic will be unmetered and free until at least 2012 (whereupon it will be counted towards your usual quota).

FUSE Support (OpenVZ): FUSE, filesystem in userspace, allows our clients to mount and access encrypted remote filesystems (SSHFS), mount ISO images, remote FTP shares, among many other exceedingly flexible features. For a complete list of supported options, please see the FUSE website.

TUN Support (OpenVZ): TUN, the Linux tunnel network device, allows our clients to run virtual private network services, such as OpenVPN, on their virtual server.

Hosted DNS Service: RAM Host provides all our customers free access to our hosted nameserver cluster consisting of 4 nameservers distributed in 4 different datacenters, enabling our clients to receive industry-leading DNS service for any of the customer's domains, including full control over A, CNAME, and TXT records via a convient web interface.

Semi-Managed Support: includes neworking configuration/troubleshooting, application of security patches/updates (on request), installation of Webmin, Kloxo, or DirectAdmin control panel software (on request). If you need more than that please contact us and tell us exactly what you need and we'll determine if we can help you. Please note that we do not offer fully managed services - if you have no idea how to perform basic tasks yourself on a linux server from the console, then we would suggest you consider our shared hosting services instead.

Addons / Upgrades / Extras

Upgrades / Extras (Subject To Availability - Contact Us To Order)
Extra IPv4 Address$1.49 / month
Extra IPv6 AddressFree
DirectAdmin VPS License$6.49 / mo
Add more RAM Memory, Disk Storage, and/or Data TransferContact Us