RAM Host

Our USA-based SSH SOCKS Proxying service works with Windows, Linux, and Mac clients without issue. With unmetered data transfer (100mbps shared) you never have to worry about your usage. Fully encrypted so you can securely and effectively bypasses internet blocks anytime, anywhere for only $24.99 per year.

Available on port 22, 53, 80, and 443 to bypass port filtering firewalls.

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Q: 100mbps shared is all well and good, but realistically, how much data usage can I expect to get?
A: We intend for each client to use no more than ~1TB per month. You can of course use more and we aren't formally metering anything. As long as your usage doesn't cause a performance problem we don't care how much you use as this service is provided on excess bandwidth left over from our other hosting products that would otherwise not be used.

Q: What kind of VPN is this?
A: At the moment this is only a SOCKS proxy type of VPN solution. Service is provided over a shared IP address out of our Kansas City location only. In the future we plan to add PPTP and HTTP(squid) as connectivity options as well as more locations.

Q: Is there a free trial?
A: We do not offer free trial usage of this service. We would suggest signing up for our monthly $3.99/mo plan to evaluate the service. At the end of your first month you will be switched to our usual yearly rate (which is half the price of the monthly rate).

Q: Terms of service?
A: See here